Raw organic vegetables

Buy Your Organic Fruit and Veg Online

Online fruit and veg box

Eating healthily is a priority for many of us therefore including organic fruit and vegetables into our diet seems like good sense. Many large supermarkets supply organic items but in a limited amount so choosing to order organic fruit and veg online seems like a good way to get a greater selection plus having it delivered to your door is so convenient. Government guidelines now state that we should eat seven portions of fruit and veg a day so where to order our organic food online? Let’s take a look at some of the companies that provide this service.

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Healthy vegetables

Supermarkets Versus Local Farmers War

Different type of vegetables
The large supermarkets in the UK certainly dominate the market in more ways than one these days. Some blame the death of the great British high street on the rise of the supermarkets and from personal experience we agree this to be true. Small towns who once had busy high streets filled with shoppers buying their fruit and veg are now littered with empty shops or have charity shops popping up all over town.

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Colorful fruit and vegetables

Organic Fruit and Vegetables Matters

Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Many of us prefer to eat organic produce as we consider it to be better for us both nutritionally and healthwise. Organic fruit and vegetables are not cheap to buy with some supermarkets hiking up their prices for the limited choice they offer in this category. Thank goodness for the online suppliers who really believe in their organic produce and also deliver our orders to our doors. So, what are the facts regarding organic food? Does it really matter whether we choose to eat it or not? Is it better for us? Here we endeavour to answer all these questions and more.

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Farm area in the Joy of Farming

The Joy of Farming: Will Make You a Master of Efficiency

The Joy of Farming

Work your magic on a run-down homestead to turn it into a busy, thriving farm. Grow a myriad of healthy, mouthwatering veggies and expand your business in the process. Make the farm more efficient by installing ladders and ropes so that your workers can get to where they are needed the most. Build the farm of your dreams by upgrading your humble garden into a more elaborate facility fit to win Farm of the Year. With its challenging, strategic game play, mastering this time management game is no easy task.

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Fruit and veg at the farmers market

Farmers Market is Simply Refreshing

Farmers Market

From Fugazo, the creators of Bistro Boulevard, comes an engaging time management title with a unique theme. Farmers Market will allow you to manage your very own bustling Farmers Market from building stalls to selling various produce. You start with basic products include eggs, corn, milk and beef but once you have enough stalls, you can combine ingredients to include delicious treats such as ice cream, fruit pies and waffles too. Open your market in the city, at campgrounds, the pier and even the desert! Hire a band to attract more customers and charge a premium price for food after winning blue ribbon contests. Watch satisfied patrons walk away with bags full of your farm-fresh products and enjoy the hustle and bustle of a successful marketplace in this terrific time management game, aptly titled Farmers Market.

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Burger Bustle: Ellie’s Organics: A Healthy Take on Burgers

Burger Bustle
So you’re a waitress. You love your job so much that you are picked as the Employee of the Month. What would you do if you suddenly find out that your restaurant’s Mega Burger Formula has bad side effects like dizziness and nausea and is filled with nasty chemicals to boot? Open your very own organic restaurant of course! Well, at least that’s what Ellie did in Burger Bustle: Ellie’s Organics.

Because she wasn’t too happy to learn that Mr. Gristleman was risking the health of their patrons in favor of cheaper production costs resulting in a higher income, she decided to start her own chain of restaurants. We’re not talking about a small town burger joint, it’s a global endeavor, with healthy organic burgers at the forefront. For her dream to become a reality, you will need to use your savvy time management skills to keep the customers happy. Defeat the greedy Mr. Gristleman and help Ellie prove that success comes with serving healthy and delicious food.

Reminiscent of games such as Cake Mania or Diner Dash, Burger Bustle: Ellie’s Organics is pretty much your standard time management title. Your goal is to serve as many customers as you can by clicking at appropriate food stations. If you’re no stranger to the genre, you can skip the tutorial and dive straight to the action. As they are quite easy, you will barely break a sweat during the first few levels. Do not be fooled about the rest of the game though as you’ll realize soon enough that getting a gold rating will probably entail having an extra arm attached to your body.

With the steep point requirements for later levels, simply passing the stage will be a challenge. You’ll soon realize that your performance during a 5-minute service barely makes the cut as you deal with a few annoying glitches. Our biggest pet peeve here is the fact that some commands do not register. Even if your click and drag gestures are flawless, sometimes the game does not recognize what action you’re queuing. This isn’t helped by the fact that you are almost always rushing to complete orders, seeing as Ellie’s Organics is a time management game. Sometimes, orders that are required to complete goals do not come by either, giving an extra boost to difficulty where it’s not needed.

If you’re not a perfectionist and you do not mind adjusting to deal with the game’s inherent issue, Burger Bustle can be quite enjoyable. You are given different goals to achieve per level. This ranges from cooking and serving a certain type of food to earning a set amount of money. There are several stations which you can acquire throughout the game and the food variety is impressive. Part of the strategy lies in your ability to determine how many stations to purchase at a given time. It will be a waste to open up several dessert stations when your goals only require you to make fish sandwiches. It’s also not advisable to add stations when you lack the staff to run them. Having just two servers running from end to end will surely result in a lot of lost time.

That being said, you can add new staff as long as you can afford it. Once you have the extra help, you can manually assign them to the stations and the tasks you want them to focus on. If you have enough saved up, you may also opt to increase customer patience, charge more for the burgers or give a boost to customer tips.

Accomplishing goals and generally doing a good job will earn you some in-game awards. You may also unlock some neat upgrades and two modes (Relax Mode and Survival Mode) along the way. Until you do, you will have to enjoy the game in the standard, timed mode.

The cheerful look of Ellie’s Organics suits its positive theme to a tee. The color scheme is bright, with vibrant colors giving life to the backdrop. We do like the amount of detail they put on the food items. The burgers look delicious and the colorful ice cream sundaes make us want to have a sweet treat after playing. The game’s audio is equally as polished, with silly comments such as “do you use real cows here?” or “I hate deciding!” It gets downright hilarious, which is great for those hectic moments.

Burger Bustle: Ellie’s Organics isn’t perfect, but what game is? As long as you’re not a completionist, its merits are plain to see even during the early levels. The message is delightfully positive too, which helps set it apart from other burger restaurant games titles with generic storylines.

Alice's Garden

Alice Green Fingers: Gardening and Farming Rolled into One

Alice Green Fingers

Who knew casual games and manual labor go together? In Alice Greenfingers, you try your hand at building the flower garden of your dreams. Grow some vegetables on the side and take care of animals too, then hit the town market. Harvest and sell according to your customers’ demands. Expand your business by unlocking items throughout your 30-day farming adventure.

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