Farmers Market is Simply Refreshing

Farmers Market

From Fugazo, the creators of Bistro Boulevard, comes an engaging time management title with a unique theme. Farmers Market will allow you to manage your very own bustling Farmers Market from building stalls to selling various produce. You start with basic products include eggs, corn, milk and beef but once you have enough stalls, you can combine ingredients to include delicious treats such as ice cream, fruit pies and waffles too. Open your market in the city, at campgrounds, the pier and even the desert! Hire a band to attract more customers and charge a premium price for food after winning blue ribbon contests. Watch satisfied patrons walk away with bags full of your farm-fresh products and enjoy the hustle and bustle of a successful marketplace in this terrific time management game, aptly titled Farmers Market.

In order to build stands to fill up the marketplace, you will need Workers. These valuable men will be the ones to create the produce Stalls, upgrade them, deliver goods across Vendors and even collect the trash. You may hire and train any number of them for a price. There are three types of Stalls: Farmer stalls, Vendor stands and Special kiosk (Lemonade Stand, Bandstand, Judging Booth). In order to successfully best later levels, you will need to think strategically place these stalls to minimize your Worker’s steps. This way, ingredients are delivered quickly and you get to maximize your profit.

In order to progress through the game, you will need to keep each level’s Goals in mind. You will usually need to meet a minimum requirement when it comes to daily earnings, build specific stands and sell a set number of goods. The last one is the most tricky as some of the processed items require multiple stalls to create.

That being said, the special stands do help in a pinch. Bandstands attract customers (they do cost a lot though, so watch out). Lemonade stands keep your stalls running while Judging Booths double the price of winning stalls and are vital in meeting money goals.

With such an unassuming theme, it would have been easy to just slap on some farm elements and call it a day –thankfully, that’s not the case with Farmers Market. We found the game play to be quite clever, with the interaction between stalls in the limelight. This prevents things from becoming dull and keeps your head in the game.

While the enjoyable game play alone gives enough of reason to check out Farmers Market, the visuals are nothing to scoff at either. The relaxed ambiance, topped with a busy market really immerses you in the action. The animations are smooth, with a certain level of realism when it comes to background rendering. The level of detail found on each stall looks amazing, with teeny tiny produce piled up in bins or neatly aligned to complete the look. Top it off with a superb soundtrack that captures fhe spirit of a true farmers market and, of course, a killer concept and you’ve got an irresistible combo. Fugazo really did a good job in terms of presentation. Though this is a busy time management game, seeing the satisfying flow of patrons helps things from getting frustrating.

It’s not every day that you come across a title that explores the intricacies of a Farmers Market and after enjoying this gem, we wonder why not. Instead of producing just another garden game, Fugazo captured something much more unique and interesting. They mixed elements from building games and simulations to the time management genre and came up with a marvel. We love the fact that they included unexpected locations, did away with a cheesy story and emphasized the benefits of having stands work together to come up with new things to sell. At the moment, it’s a fresh concept that manages to provide a 60-level long game play and we love it. Not to mention, it has one of the best graphics for the genre.

If you’re a time management game fan, it’s almost certain you’ll find something to love about Farmers Market. As long as you are up for a little micro management, then this nostalgic title will keep you entertained for hours on end.